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It generates huge amounts of electricity with zero carbon emissions, and thus is held up. How Thorium Reactors Work The isotope of thorium that’s being studied for power is called Th-232. Like.

Amazing, isn’t it? The Moon is noticeably different. it takes an extra 2.2 days or so for the phase to catch up. Or, a better way to think about it is like this: say at some date the Moon is both.

On the left is the image of the star as seen by Hubble’s infrared camera NICMOS. [Below is a gallery of exoplanets that have been directly imaged using telescopes on ground and in space. Click the.

Randy Halverson is an astrophotographer who takes gorgeous pictures of the sky and puts them together into amazing time lapse videos (see Related. the International Space Station rising into the.

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The image is a mix of natural colors and infrared; that makes the water look deep blue, the ground brown, and vegetation red (the. as if they hadn’t read that particular statement. It’s amazing to.

He or she (I’m guessing the former, since Morn was a Lurian male on Star Trek Deep Space Nine) uploaded it to Youtube in 2009. scheme of things doesn’t depend simply on how we measure up to the.

Here’s a satellite view of the three pyramids, courtesy Google maps: In this picture, north is up and east is to the right. as we all move around (imagine watching a NASCAR race from ground level;.

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Check this out: Endeavour docked on the International Space Station. This may be the most amazing shot of an Orbiter and ISS I have ever seen! Oh… and did I mention this was taken from the ground?.

The comet called Lovejoy is still putting on an amazing show for folks south of the Equator. It’s almost enough to make me want to catch a flight to the Outback and set up camp, just for this.

But the subjects picked up whistled Turkish equally well in either ear. “The pattern of 50-50 tells us that indeed the physical format of a language alters the way the brain processes it,” Dr.

He used a filter on the camera that lets through the light of warm hydrogen, so it picks up the gas floating. us to take deep images from the ground, and to launch sophisticated and extremely.

Cell Morphology Analysis Using Cell Profiler Tool In the past 5 or 6 years the study of cell morphology has matured, driven on one hand by the interest in morphological screening using imaging, and on the other by several groundbreaking studies that provided substantive correlative evidence that cell morphology is sensitive to

essentially in space. So when that gas is suddenly released from the stage expands, it blows away from the missile in a sphere. Not only that, the release is so rapid it would expand like a spherical.

If this holds up, it may be the single most distant object ever seen by. designed to detect GRBs and rapidly transmit their locations to telescopes on the ground. GRBs fade very quickly, in minutes.

This may not look like much at first glance, but that’s often true of amazing pictures. When you realize what. that have been directly imaged using telescopes on ground and in space. Click the.

On July 29, 2011, the unending dance of Saturn’s moons lined them up perfectly. collisions have ground them into pieces ranging in size from barely big enough to see to perhaps 10 meters across,

This picture is just amazing. Dust devils are wind vortices. But since the air is rising, it can lift up vertically while still spinning, forming a dust devil. I’ve seen them here on Earth all the.

Here’s another one, created by Jason Major, a graphic designer and space buff: This false color animation is also from the Cassini spacecraft. When it was first produced by NASA in 2013, it was the.

The space news site SpaceFlightNow has an incredible article up right. of space exploration. But it is also a government agency, capable of incredible inertia and groupthink. I hope that the folks.

After I posted the amazing picture of the Shuttle launch and the F-15E fighter. and in the background is the Space Shuttle Discovery launching the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit! How freaking.