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11 Jun 2013. Suzanne Aigrain of Oxford University quoted Carl Sagan's dictum that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, saying that Dr.

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12 Mar 2011. "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence." I'm making. Here are the first two stages of my tribute to my hero Carl Sagan: I did the.

20 Jul 2014. The claims about Jesus are extraordinary, but so is the evidence that. Or as Carl Sagan famously restated, “Extraordinary claims require.

In fact, a great many of the claims now accepted by science would once have been. There can be nothing more extraordinary than the claims made by Einstein's. The principle of Hume, popularized from Sagan its a false science principle. In the first half of the last century John Maynard Keynes, Karl Pearson , and.

16 Aug 2016. Perhaps the best attitude toward conspiracies is to follow the advice popularized by Carl Sagan: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary.

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26 Aug 2011. It was the late Carl Sagan who popularized the oft-repeated maxim that, “ Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Unfortunately for.

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30 Mar 2017. The astronomer Carl Sagan said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Last week, a physician made the extraordinary claim.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" Quote from Carl Sagan. Again, this section of the website is essentially mine; that is, William's, and.

History The aphorism was made popular by astronomer Carl Sagan through the. The Sagan standard is an aphorism that asserts that "extraordinary claims.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence ~Carl Sagan. Company Overview. The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry encourages the critical investigation.

Sagan Standard, "The weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness" often paraphrased as "Extraordinary claims require.

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When Carl Sagan said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" perhaps he didn't realize how often his words would be used by mainstream.