Entomologist Henry F. Carter

28 Oct 2019. Ted E Cottrell ¶, Michael D Toews #, Brett R Blaauw ¤, Ashfaq A Sial ¤, David G Buntin «, Henry Y Fadamiro ‡, Glynn Tillman ». Hoebeke R, Carter E (2003). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 105. Zhang J, Zhang F, Gariepy T, Mason P, Gillespie D, Talamas E, Haye T (2017).

education and entered the fields of forest pathology and entomology may not be included here. Also, many. Snow, Henry R. Title. Carter, Mr. Nelson E. Director. Michael F. Professor of Entomology. School of Pure & Applied Biology.

Francis X. Williams (13), Associate Entomologist of the HSPA Experiment Station. This. Beginning about 1930, elaborate studies by Walter Carter and associates, lected in Honolulu 6 August 1944, as reported by Dr Henry Townes (92).

Henry F. Carter was appointed as the first malariologist in the country. Entomological surveillance was intensified and prompt reporting of malaria cases was.

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Chittenden F H. and Linell M L. (1896) Proceedings of the Entomological Society of. Henry F Howden (1955) Proceedings of the Entomological Society of. Maureen E Carter and E Richard Hoebeke (2003) Proceedings of the Entomological.

Jon Harrison is an environmental physiologist who studies how insects function, interact with their environment, and evolve. His research includes studies of.

The insects : an outline of entomology / P.J. Gullan and P.S. Cranston ; with illustrations by. f. Edible stink bugs (Hemiptera: Tessaratomidae), at an insect market, showing the divergent appearance of the larvae compared with their drab adults (D. Carter. Jean-Henri Fabre in observing close-up the activities of insects.

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Aamodt, T.L., University of Minnesota entomologist, Minneapolis, February 18, 1949. Box 95 Anderson, Henry, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, Filed with Carter, William (Bill) Box 66 Carter, Everett F., NW National Bank,

Photograph of the inside of Edwin Carter's cabin, Breckenridge, Colorado. wrote clergyman and entomologist Henry McCook in 1889. Charles K. Reed of Worcester, Walter F. Webb's Natural Science Establishment, the Black Hills Natural.

18 Mar 2009. times, for example Henry Caracciolo (1859-1934)in 1891. Compiling. Honorary Curator of Entomology, The Hunterian (Zoology Museum), University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ. ABSTRACT. Protambulyx carteri (Rothschild and Jordan 1903); Carter. Johanna Darlington supplied information on F.

15 Sep 2013. and became good friends with amateur entomologist Henry Walter Bates, Amongst these are five of Wallace's skins of Birds of Paradise were sold. Julian Carter (National Museum of Wales); Bernd Jaeger (Museum für.

21 Jan 2015. In 1912, at a meeting of the International Congress of Entomology in Oxford, Margaret. Henry John Elwes (figure 2) was a scientific traveller and natural history collector;. Taking diary extracts from Carter, Robinson gives us a Fountaine compelled to travel, not. 86–87 (Taylor & Francis, London, 1938).

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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics 4301 Jones Bridge Road Bethesda, Maryland 20814-.

ed the hiring of Dr. James F. Illingworth (Fig. berton in 1951 and made Dr. Carter Professor Emeritus of Entomology. Dr. Henry A. Bess arrived in late 1948.

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Walter Carter, 1897-1977. K. Sakimura1. Dr. Walter Carter, one of the most distinguished entomologists in the early history of Hawaiian entomology, who had.

Herbert James Carter (1858-1940), schoolmaster and entomologist, was born on 23 April 1858 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, son of James Carter, farmer,

American Economic Entomologists (Northeastern Branch), 1911. Includes: Eugene H. Schmeck, Henry Vander Schalie, Frank C. Baker, Elmer G. Berry, Charles H. Blake, Richard. Stearns, Robert E. C. (Robert Edwards Carter), 1827 -1909.

Married to fellow medical entomologist Frank Collins for more than 30. Society, Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal from Yale, Henry. Carter Westerhold (westerhold.