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Now peer review by artificial intelligence (AI. When Nuijten’s team analysed papers published in psychology journals, they found 1 that roughly 50% contained at least one statistical inconsistency.

Diederik Stapel, a professor of social psychology in the Netherlands. “Everything in science is based on publishing a peer-reviewed paper in a high-ranking journal. Absolutely everything,” Oransky.

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Having the PRANDIAL Lab research published in peer-reviewed journals indicates that it meets scientific standards, said Carnot, who is also a reviewer for the journal Current Psychology. You have run.

(In 2015, 700,000 peer reviewers reviewed over 1.8 million manuscripts across Elsevier’s journals; 400,000 were eventually published. Disciplines that aren’t rooted in mathematics, like psychology,

In particular, the peer review system gives extra weight to scientists who. Danvers The outgoing editor of a well-known social and personality psychology journal, Simine Vazire, recently reflected.

Similarly, in this 2014 article for the peer reviewed journal Social Forces entitled. by Professor Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn and his colleagues in the Journal of Applied Psychology, concluded that the.

BN: At least five psychology journals are inviting people to submit plans for replicating specific studies, which will then get peer-reviewed on the basis of their designs [rather than their results].

But there has been no peer-reviewed research in this area, only anecdotes from a few scientist-fans. Until now. In my.

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering social psychology. It is published by Elsevier on behalf of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.

The debacle must have seemed like déjà vu to Alex Holcombe, a University of Sydney psychology professor. In 2011, he and a small group of academics wrote a protest letter to seven journals that employ.

"There is a whole area of cognitive psychology [of] how people read scientific. "It should be looked at as more of a process, a social activity." Journals are in many ways best placed to study what.

New Rochelle, NY, December 15, 2017–Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers announces the launch of Autism in Adulthood, a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to biological. psychiatry, psychology,

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“Does brain training really work?” Below is a sampling from the list, which includes studies in peer-reviewed journals. Disproving the placebo effect: Three studies • Frontiers in Psychology:.

Organic Foods Reduce Pro-social Behavior and Harshen Moral Judgments,” accepted for publication by Social Psychological and Personality Science, a peer-reviewed journal in social and personality.

Someone who has published a ton of work in journal A (but not in journal B) may never be asked to provide a peer-review on a publication in journal. In my field, social psychology, a field that is.

Big thanks to my co-author, Dr Peggy Kern, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne and Dr Aaron Jarden, Editor, International Journal of Wellbeing. Reference: Buchanan, A., & Kern, M. L., (2017). The.

The problem also affects published results in fields as diverse as psychology and global. the paper must undergo peer review. The author(s) of the scientific paper decides to send it to a.

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A group of over 150 scholars from Sociology and Family Studies, Psychology, and other disciplines recently wrote a letter to the editor of the journal pointing out the flaws in the study and raising.