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and cultural critic Rachel Carson. Bezos doesn’t grapple with those complexities and unknowns either. Even though political.

"Rachel Carson" airs May 28. Her book Silent Spring– published in 1962 — became a phenomenon. It was a passionate and.

Rachel Carson in woods near her Maryland home in 1962, the year in which Silent Spring was published. Photograph: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image Near a brook in south-east England.

"Miss Carson, you are the lady who started all this." So Rachel Carson was greeted when she testified before Congress in 1963 about the dangers of pesticides after the publication of Silent Spring.

Guy Villax wrote a thoughtful letter on the continuing positive influence of Rachel Carson on environmental issues (C&EN, July 22, page 4). The Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory was Carson’s.

"Bringing valuable expanses of forests under protection is a crucial tool to achieve sustainability," said Jianguo "Jack" Liu.

People who protested surface mining were communists, coal barons said. The chemical industry labeled Rachel Carson a.

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9.00am: Today marks the 50th anniversary of the US publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. The book is often cited as an environmental classic – of which there can be little doubt – but it is.

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I’m reminded of Rachel Carson, to whom we dedicated the second Universe in Verse. And when she won the National Book Award.

Jane Jacobs fought for livable cities and strong communities; Rachel Carson warned us about poisoning the environment; Jane.

Rachel Carson‘s work and legacy are being actively assessed at the moment, given that her landmark book, “Silent Spring,” was published 50 years ago this week. A good starting point is “How ‘Silent.

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The book treats 22 other people, like Pablo Picasso, Eli Wiesel, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc, A.P.

The property in Silver Spring, Maryland, has changed little since Rachel Carson lived there 50 years ago when she. the arts and culture section of Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are his own.

Instead of Wilson, the editorial board suggested environmental activist and scientists Rachel Carson or African American.

Silent Spring, Rachel Carson’s landmark warning about the indiscriminate use of pesticides, turns 50 this month. By extension, that puts the environmental movement also at the half-century mark—along.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring, the seminal work by Rachel Carson. With the book’s publication in 1962, Carson challenged the long-held belief that humankind’s needs justified.

In 1962 biologist Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” — titled in reference to an alarming lack of bird song — and ignited an environmental crusade by taking on the pesticide industry that nearly.

Any time a writer mentions Rachel Carson’s 1962 book Silent Spring or the subsequent U.S. ban on DDT, the loonies come out of the woodwork. They blame Carson’s book for ending the use of DDT as a.